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Inside California Education Episode 504: Student Voice and Agency

See how students in San Diego Unified School District are representing their classmates on questions and issues affecting their education by serving on the district’s board of education.

“Being able to carry a student perspective onto the board is very important,” says Lea, a recent student board member serving on the San Diego Unified Board of Education. San Diego Unified created the student board member position in 2019 and added a second position three years later.

“Those closest to the problem should be closest to the solution,” says Superintendent Lamont Jackson. “Our students are living in the now – and the world is changing. They are closest to those changes and they are closest to the impact – and so they bring a different perspective, and we need to listen to them.”

“Students will be the leaders of the future – but we can also be the leaders of today given the right resources,” says student board member Mathew. “We have the knowledge and ability to do so. And I think San Diego Unified has just done that – fostered our potential and turned us into the great leaders that we are today.”

Currently student board members in the district have a “non-preferential” vote, which means their votes are recorded in the official minutes but not counted in the final tally. Some adult board members such as Richard Barrera are hoping to see that change. “This isn’t about us giving them power. It’s about honoring the power that they have,” says Superintendent Jackson.

TV Series: Inside California Education
Published Date: 11/09/2023
Season: 5
Episode: 504

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