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Inside California Education Episode 505: Connecting and Feeding the Community

A community school in Anaheim grows food for the neighborhood — and more. The Magnolia Agriscience Community Center at Magnolia High School in Anaheim Union High School District helps grow healthy food for students, families and the community. Interns from UC Irvine also provide instruction to students in areas related to urban farming and sustainable agriculture. It’s one of many new community schools being established across the state.

This one is unique for its district-wide focus on creating an urban agriscience science farm aimed at transforming the community from a food desert to a food and healthcare oasis. Nearly 90 percent of students at the school qualify for the Free and Reduced Priced Meals program.

“Our vision for Community Schools is where the school is the center or the hub of the community,” says teacher Sabina Giakoumis, who manages the community farm at Magnolia. In addition to the farm, the school makes social services available to students, as well as families. “We knew that there was a need and a problem that we could solve for our community,” she adds.

California has launched a multi-billion-dollar initiative called the Community School Partnership Program to help more school districts establish community schools.

TV Series: Inside California Education
Published Date: 01/10/2024
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Episode: 505

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