Season Two


Center High School student working in video production class.

Digital Media in the Classroom — SACRAMENTO, CA 07:58

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Pittsburg High School students launching an experiment outdoors.

Engineering a Future — PITTSBURG, CA 06:36

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Lincoln high school students standing in front of construction project for competition

Design, Build, Win — STOCKTON, CA 07:14

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barbara mcquillen restoration program of yurok language

Saving the Yurok Language — EUREKA, CA 08:16

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foster youth program student sitting at california state university, monterey bay, reading a textbook

Foster Youth in College — MONTEREY, CA 07:35

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melanee wyatt with yes company theater students on stage

YES Company — MODESTO, CA 6:04

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Students from Folsom High School participating in Next Generation Jazz Competition in Monterey, California

A Jazz Education — MONTEREY, CA 07:58

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Teacher and students looking at science experiment

Dual Enrollment — MURRIETA, CA 07:09

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Young students in after-school S.T.A.R.T. program

After-School Success — SACRAMENTO, CA 06:57

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High school students in mock senate at California State capitol, Sacramento

Civics Education — SACRAMENTO, CA 06:23

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junior rotc cadets san diego, california, usa

Cadets on Campus — SAN DIEGO, CA 06:37

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custodian at career technical education, mary montes


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Young students learning about friction.

International Baccalaureate — NAPA, CA — SACRAMENTO, CA 06:19

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school after fire

Preparing for a Disaster — SONOMA, CA 06:52

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Teacher of the year, brian mcdaniel, with his music class

Teacher of the Year (2018): Dr. Brian McDaniel — DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CA 07:44

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biology teacher, sharon ferrell, teaching her student.

Teaching as a Second Act — SACRAMENTO, CA 07:25

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Tom Ryel driving school bus

DAY IN THE LIFE: School Bus Driver — WINTERS, CA 02:12

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Community speaker talking with Modesto High School students.

Modesto Day of Respect — MODESTO, CA 05:58

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AmeriCorps member helping student.

City Year AmeriCorps — SACRAMENTO, CA 06:53

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Teacher helping refugee student.

Refugees in our Schools — SAN DIEGO, CA 06:37

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Two students in bowling class.

Unified Sports — OAKLEY, CA 06:26

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Preschool student pointing with finger.

Kids’ Home Run Initiative — WEST SACRAMENTO, CA 08:11

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Male student kneeling down working on his robot.

Robots of the Future — LOS ANGELES, CA 07:25

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two students practicing to bandage another student's hand

Academic Talent Search — SACRAMENTO, CA 05:47

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melissa maher

DAY-IN-THE-LIFE: Activities Director — MODESTO, CA 02:41

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Ananya Vinay standing at the front of a classroom teacher other students

Champion Speller — CLOVIS, CA 06:11

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male mariachi student dressed in costume, singing in band.

Mariachi Music — CHULA VISTA, CA 06:58

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School principal, Roxanna Villasenor talking with students on playground.

DAY IN THE LIFE: School Principal — WEST SACRAMENTO, CA 02:46

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Student helping senior community member with technology.

Camille Creek Community School — NAPA, CA 06:45

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Young female student talking to a mentor.

Merced Project 10 Percent — MERCED, CA 05:30

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Male high school student pointing and smiling

Safe School Ambassadors — FAIRFIELD, CA 7:05

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Inside California Education Interview with Tom Torlakson, State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Pictures of Tom Torlakson

INTERVIEW WITH TOM TORLAKSON 2018: Teacher Shortage — Immigration — Natural Disasters — Education Budget — 13:34

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A male student standing at a desk debating.

The Great Debate — SACRAMENTO, CA 07:29

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Teacher looking out of classroom door with students standing nearby.

Bilingual Teacher Shortage — FRESNO, CA 04:57

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Zach Moritz, school secretary at Monterey Trail High School

DAY IN THE LIFE: School Secretary — ELK GROVE, CA 01:55

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Teacher talking to young student.

Restorative Justice — OAKLAND, CA 07:14

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A farmer showing beans from his ranch.

California Thursdays — LODI, CA 06:02

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Front entrance of Horace Mann Middle School with a UCLA banner flag overlayed.

UCLA Community Schools — LOS ANGELES, CA 08:22

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Male student with autism in class sitting at his desk.

Navigating Autism — VISALIA, CA 07:34

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Group of students at Sly Park holding a yellow snake.

Sly Park — EL DORADO COUNTY, CA 04:55

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Jeff Lewis, sign language interpreter

DAY IN THE LIFE: Sign Language Interpreter— ELK GROVE, CA 02:44

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Teacher with student working on online Khan Academy exercises on computer.

Khan Academy — LONG BEACH, CA 06:34

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Young student trying to figure out a penguin game at the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford.

Hospital School — PALO ALTO, CA 06:34

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Special education student filling lunch boxes with sandwiches at a cafe.

Kids’ Cafe — FRESNO, CA 05:14

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Oakdale High School football coach, Trent Merzon coaching game.

DAY IN THE LIFE: Football Coach — OAKDALE, CA 03:19

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Student painting a plasma cutting with a spray gun.

CAREER PATHWAYS: Plant Biology, Welding, Plasma Cutting, Architecture, Engineering — CHICO, CA 07:12

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High school female student smiling in front of airplane.

Bob Hoover Academy — SALINAS, CA 06:38

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