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Regional Emmy® Award Winner

tony thurmond california state superintendent of public instruction
Tony Thurmond California State Superintendent of Public Instruction

"Inside California Education tells the most important, captivating and unique stories directly from California’s classrooms. This award-winning public TV series has helped Californians from across the state better understand education issues and learn about innovative programs that are making a difference. Most importantly, it celebrates the hardworking people – from principals to teachers to parents to bus drivers – who dedicate their careers to providing the best possible educational experience for our children."

Photo of Linda Darling Hammond
Linda Darling Hammond Charles E. Ducommun Professor of Education, Stanford University

"Inside California Education is an important new public television series focused on the stories, challenges, and issues of public education in California. Parents, citizens, educators and policymakers will become better informed and all will benefit from deeper views of the many complex issues facing education in California. You will find this exciting public television initiative an exceptional opportunity for us to become better informed and act in support of public education."

Photo of Delaine Eastin, Former Superintendent of Public Instruction
Delaine Eastin Former Superintendent of Public Instruction

"I want to say a few words about how important Inside California Education is. I am very proud that this show is being offered. I hope that this will be the beginning of a very important conversation. I think the most important thing is preschool for all, mandatory full day Kindergarten for all, it's K-12 education that is second to none in the world, and it's great colleges and universities. That's how you build a future."

Photo of Tom Torlakson, Superintendent of Public Instruction
Tom Torlakson Former Superintendent of Public Instruction

"This is a time of exciting, positive change in our schools — focusing on strong academics, reducing class sizes, and restoring access to arts, music, drama, civics and science classes. We're bringing back a keen focus on career education. We're working diligently, and creatively to help every student succeed. I hope you enjoy this Public Television series, and it helps you learn more about these exciting changes underway in California Schools."

Photo of Jack O'Connell, Former Superintendent of Public Instruction
Jack O'Connell Former Superintendent of Public Instruction

"Inside California Education is a very exciting program which is going to be new throughout California. It's going to enable us to utilize Public Television to really dig deeper and more thoughtfully in the way we address many of the complex issues facing California today. Inside California Education is going to be exploring key fundamental education issues. I hope that you will be watching."


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dr. general davie jr.
Dr. General Davie Jr. Former Superintendent, San Juan Unified School District

Inside California Education provides fertile ground in which to germinate innovative ideas focused on meeting the needs of California’s diverse P-12/ Adult student population. In order to meet the demands of the 21st century and beyond, California’s public education system must prepare students for current challenges and for jobs that currently don’t exist. Watch the series and be part of the conversation.”

Photo of Colleen A. R. You, California State PTA President 2013-2015
Colleen A. R. You California State PTA President 2013-2015

“I am truly excited about Inside California Education. We’ve needed a show exactly like this for a long time — a show that shares the compelling and inspiring stories of our students and educators. California’s public education system is vital to the success of all of our citizens and our state as a whole, and Inside California Education helps viewers understand more about what’s working well in the current system and what the challenges are. I am confident that all parents and the public will benefit greatly by having access to this type of insightful and informative public television programming.”

Photo of Ruth Luevand, Teacher, Bonita Unified School District, Los Angeles County Teacher of the Year
Ruth Luevand Teacher, Bonita Unified School District, Los Angeles County Teacher of the Year

“The landscape of public education in California is rapidly changing, and these changes are creating new opportunities in STEM education, Career and Technical Education, and Project-based learning environments under the implementation of the Common Core State Standards. Inside California Education is a fresh and genuine approach to the myriad of issues that both educators and students encounter every day. This insightful Public Television series addresses the collaborative partnerships that are transforming the paradigm of our schools and the lives of our students.”


"There are a lot of good things happening in California education and that story needs to be told," said Wes Smith, ACSA Executive Director. "I think any opportunity for those stories to be told is a benefit to our students, teachers, families and communities."

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