Inside California Education: Community Colleges

About these stories

KVIE, the PBS station serving the Sacramento region, is premiering three new episodes of Inside California Education focused on California’s community colleges. It’s the latest edition of the highly regarded weekly series exploring key public education issues in California, which airs on PBS stations throughout the Golden State.

Each new half-hour episode explores at least four stories directly from community college campuses across California. The programs provide viewers with a thoughtful, insightful look into the diverse range of students enrolled in local colleges and their goals and aspirations – and the educators, staff and partners who serve and support them.

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Story Details

Comprised of 73 districts and 115 colleges, the California Community College system is the largest higher education system in the nation—providing a gateway to higher education and careers for more than 2 million students per year. For example, seven in 10 of California’s nurses receive their training at a California community college. Eight in 10 police officers, firefighters and EMTs are trained at a California community college. And 29% of University of California graduates and 51% of California State University graduates started at a community college.

Story Topics

In these episodes, viewers will discover college programs and collaborations that are helping to:

  • Train local residents to work on in-demand construction projects at Los Angeles International Airport
  • Diversify and bolster a firefighter academy in rural Lake Tahoe
  • Prepare students for jobs in biotechnology in San Diego
  • Gain skills for agricultural jobs and opportunities in the Central Valley
  • and much more.

“We’re very excited to bring viewers these important, new stories about the successes and challenges of California’s community colleges. Education is a core PBS mission, and it’s a chance to see the unique people and programs really making a difference.”

— Christina Salerno, Series Producer

“California's community colleges are the heart of so many local communities and they provide critical services that help so many residents pursue their own California dreams.”

— Richard Launey, Co-Executive Producer

"Help us continue to share the most important, captivating and unique stories directly from California's classrooms."

Presentation of the community college series of Inside California Education is made possible by the College Futures Foundation.