Inside California Education is a joint production of KVIE-DTV and NationalEdOnline, a California 501c3 nonprofit organization. Because of their missions to provide educational information and resources to the community, KVIE and NationalEdOnline have partnered to produce a new public television series.

Inside California Education gives an in-depth look at education and explores the issues and stories which students, parents, educators, community leaders and residents of the state will find informative and interesting. By utilizing a distinguished Advisory Board and viewer feedback, Inside California Education will research and produce program segments all over California. From small rural districts to big city schools, Inside California Education will travel the entire state to tell the stories about education which most viewers have never seen.


Broadcasting from California’s capital, KVIE PBS helps everyone explore the world through experiences in history, current events, drama, nature, and science, while serving as a trusted guide for children with the best educational programming. Established in 1959, KVIE serves more than 1.4 million households in the nation’s 20th largest television market, and can be viewed in 28 of California’s 58 counties. KVIE is a leading producer of original programming, with America’s Heartland, Inside California Education, KVIE Arts Showcase, Rob on the Road, Studio Sacramento, ViewFinder, and Yes! We’re Open. More information is at KVIE’s website at www.kvie.org

Statewide Public Television

The first season series consisting of 13 episodes will begin to air throughout California on public television on all of the California affiliates beginning January 30, 2017. Local station carriage, dates, and time will vary. Please check for programming schedules in your local PBS television guides or online at www.insidecaled.org/schedule.

Two students in bowling class.
melanee wyatt with yes company theater students on stage
Teacher and students looking at science experiment


NationalEdOnline is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on new technologies that enhance online and virtual learning. NationalEdOnline offers a broad range of online training solutions, and has developed and produced training content in the areas of employee and staff development, mandated training, computer application training, and information webinars and webcasts.

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For more information, please contact the Executive Producers:
Rick Launey
Larry Miles


Larry Miles and Rick Launey, Executive Producers of Inside California Education along with KVIE Series Producer, Christina Salerno, talk with Beth Ruyak on Capital Public Radio Insight about the new series.

Presentation of Inside California Education is made possible by California Lottery and The Stuart Foundation.

Additional support and production assistance provided by: